Resistance, Emotional Labor, and Doing the Hard Work First

Hi folks!

You are officially in the workshop. The next four weeks may feel like a sprint. The weekly cadence of reading, writing, commenting, meeting with your peer learning group and then posting your reflection script can feel intense.

Stay with us, though. Trust the process. There is a magic.

I encourage you to take a moment to consider the Resistance.

Have you ever tried to start a blog before? Or perhaps write an article or letter to the editor on an important topic that you’re passionate about? Perhaps you started, but then didn’t finish? Or didn’t click submit or publish?

That is the “Resistance”.

We all face the resistance whenever we try to do something creative or new or hard. But by being able to name this part of our lizard brain and the way it shows up, we can recognize that Resistance can be our guide. It can lead us to our most important work.

I hope you’ll embrace the emotional labor of overcoming the Resistance in your life and publishing your post each week. Taking the time to seal your learning by writing your reflection scripts each week. And investing in your peers by offering them the gift of reflecting back what you see.

This is our third workshop using this approach. The process is based on some of most successful workshops in online learning. But it depends on you wanting to be here.

It depends on you doing the hard work first.

The question is: will you see this as an opportunity to invest in yourself and do your most important work?

Published by Felipe Witchger

Felipe facilitates collaboration between investors and entrepreneurs. By developing leaders and allies, Felipe believes marginalized communities can build the power they need to change institutions, systems, and our culture. Felipe also loves building sandcastles.

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