Eager to promote cooperatives

I have been involved with cooperatives since 1980 in a variety of ways and really want to get involved in increasing the development of them in our economy. I have been involved in what I call community development investing for over 40 years, especially with CDFI’s in the US but also internationally, and I have invested in cooperatives as much as I could through the various funds I managed. I am now semi-retired and want to give more energy and thought to how to promote and increase cooperative ownership. I believe we have to change our economic infrastructure’s fundamentals and move from shareholder capitalism, which only makes the wealthy wealthier, to common good ownership models. I promote David Korten’s book, “Change the story, Change the future” to everyone to understand how deeply we need change if we are committed to saving the Earth and increasing equity for all. I look forward to learning from practitioners and advocates and networking with others to do this work.

Published by Corinne Florek

I am very interested in promoting the cooperative model for workers as well as consumers. I think we need to change the infrastructure of our economy and cooperatives are my preference. I have been involved in community development investing for over 40 years and now that it is called Impact investing I want to critique what is wrong in the current thinking.

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