From where you sit…

How powerful are institutions anyway? I continue to give them so much of my mental and physical energy, constantly devising and opining ways to disrupt and alter internal programming.

We are all impacted as people and communities systems that perpetuate a centralized mainstream, a man, a standard, a way things are done- pushing more and more people to the margins of culture that thrives on an idea our nation’s history is exceptional
terms of it’s residents all having proximity to proper resources, access, power, and respect. Institutions get things done and carry systems through, but how much power can be usurped from groups causing mass disruption- eventually controlling who are the shot callers are in some of these institutions?

How powerful are the groups if they can organize the people? Are any of these really any more powerful than the other? The answer is somewhere in a cocktail of yes, no, maybe, kinda, and I don’t know… I guess it depends on where you sit.

Published by meraldh

Advocate for education, workforce, and economic empowerment, and civic engagement, with over 20 years of experience in sales, corporate retail operations, staff development, non-profit management, finance, community development, and diversity and inclusion practices. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Budgeting, Sales, Asset Merger and Acquisitions, Team Building, and Public Speaking.

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