Rest in Power Ray Anderson and Michael Brooks

Ray Anderson, founder of Interface, Inc., has a terrific interview in the “extras” of this 2004 film.

I do read, but I have also been heavily influenced by watching and listening. My introduction to someone who was willing to look at the environment, economics, and business in a different way was the founder of tile carpet maker Interface, Inc., Ray Anderson. The best interview I saw of him was part of the “extras” in a 2004 Canadian film entitled “The Corporation.” Anderson was greatly influenced by two books: Paul Hawken’s The Ecology of Commerce and Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael, so if I am recommending books to help us reconsider the traditional capitalist model and sustainability, those are a good place to start. We lost Anderson back in 2011. More recently (last week), we lost a young left political commentator named Michael Brooks (YouTube, podcast). His vast knowledge of global politics and economics astounded me. I appreciate when I am inspired by others, old and young, and I am grateful to still be part of the struggle. 

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