Can shared ownership #KeepPeopleInTheirHomes?

Hi, everyone. I was inspired after yesterday’s group conversation to record my post this week, rather than write it. Thank you for watching.

Credit unions have the power to act, to make emergency loans (with our money!) to keep people in their homes and forestall an eviction and foreclosure crisis.

We have the power to act, as cooperative movement leaders, to call credit unions to rise to this occasion and shelter America in one of her darkest moments.

The Washington Post article I mention is the top link right now on this collection we’re making of news articles about how dire the situation is right now in America.

If you want to be part of a rapidly growing group working on this, please come to our meeting on Thursday night, 7pm-8:30p ET, to discuss what we can do to get credit unions off the sidelines and to keep people in their homes.

EDIT: We have a draft letter now in Google Docs — thank you for reviewing, your feedback and suggested edits, and for signing on.

Let’s do this together. Thank you!

Jake –

4 thoughts on “Can shared ownership #KeepPeopleInTheirHomes?

  1. Jake-

    Inspired and thankful for that letter and your work. As you know, I’ve spent quite a bit of time working in the CU space within multiple communities, and truly believe in the need to organize then-synthesize feedback and contributions from community organizing with institutional advocacy, not the other way around. I really think you are on to something here- in this time where civil rights and voting rights are intertwined. Our credit union memberships hold more power than they realize, and our credit union leaders can be agitated to move in more just and equitable ways if that is the will of the people…


  2. Well said, Jake. I’m a CU member and I’m on board! If I have any input, I’ll add it on your document. Peace and all good, Jon


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