Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sworn In As 48th President of the United States

January 20 2033
Washington, DC

Twelve years ago today, on January 20th, 2021, President Joseph R. Biden shocked the world by making two announcements. First, he announced that his first term would be his only term. And second, he proclaimed that he would be the last white male president for the next 100 years.

True to his word, later that same year President Biden signed the Affirm America Act, providing that until 2120, only women of color would be eligible to assume the highest office in the land. As he signed the bill into law, Biden said, “White people, and especially white men, have held tightly onto the reigns of power since the inception of America. It’s time to restore balance.”

In signing the bill, Biden spent most of his political capital and abruptly ended the honeymoon of his first days in office. Indeed, his four year term was largely unremarkable aside from this landmark legislation as well as a return to normalcy after the disruptive and chaotic Trump era. But Biden had paved the way for President Kamala Harris, whose just-completed terms in office brought about myriad changes to US society and the US economy.

President Harris’s term was, as Joe Biden had calculated, characterized by the long-overdue restoration of balance and fairness. Harris’s signature first-term achievement was the enactment of publicly funded elections, independent redistricting, and universal voter registration. These changes led, in 2026, to an explosion of women and people of color joining the ranks of elected officials all across the country. By 2028, women and minorities had finally achieved the goal of proportional representation.

The election of 2032 represents a sea change from the Biden-Harris “big tent” that came together in response to the advent of Trumpism. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez was swept into power on a wave of impatience with the Democratic party establishment’s continued coziness with corporate America. According to insider accounts, the candidate herself wrestled with various anti-corporate paradigms — including outright socialism, democratic socialism, and conscious capitalism — before settling on her principle campaign promise of building a shared ownership economy.

“Since ‘Uncle Joe’ entered the White House back in ’21,” Ocasio-Cortez said in her inaugural address, “the United States of America has been licking its wounds from the white nationalist uprising that defined the second Obama administration and the Trump era. With sanity restored and social equality finally on the rise, it’s time to get up off the mat and restructure the fundamentals of the economy.”

President Ocasio-Cortez begins her term in office with an ambitious plan to root wealth in local communities, empower workers across all industries, and end rampant Wall Street speculation that breeds corporate malfeasance and recklessness. With control of the Senate and the White House in Democratic hands since 2021, very little stands in the way of the President making significant headway in her plans to reshape the economy.

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3 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Sworn In As 48th President of the United States

  1. I absolutely loved this article. Yes, I believe Uncle Joe will serve only a single term and then we will have President Harris. Your article illustrates the what was once considered outside the mainstream (AOC) then becomes the new norm.

    There would be no need for young voters to comment, “disenchanted not disenfranchised” when they explain why they are voting.


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