Workshop overview from our sponsor, the Community Cooperative, and more detailed Workshop Invitation here.

Workshop Co-Curators

  • Jennifer Bryant brings the piercing clarity of an organizer and deep intuitions for how the new economy must be grounded in real relationships with those often excluded from re-making capitalism conversations. She has worked in the cooperative movement for several years and leads an employee ownership initiative at a Black-led CDFI.
  • Elizabeth Garlow brings deep experience in philanthropy, impact finance, and policy. She’s pioneered entrepreneurship programs, microfinance initiatives and co-convenes the North American Economy of Communion and the US Economy of Francesco. 
  • Todd Leverette brings years of experience as an employee ownership professional, his credentials as a JD/ MBA, as well as his experience as start-up founder and a former Wall Streeter and his readiness to make big change happen with the tools and strategies of employee ownership.
  • Phil Reeves brings the experience, tools, and ambition of a Wall Street investment banker, combined with the empathy, passion, and heart for small business. 
  • Felipe Witchger brings a love for creating spaces where we can get free to focus on our most important work. He loves economics, unleashing investors, entrepreneurs, and organizers, and facilitating dynamic projects that transform. He’s eager to build power and new vehicles for action around this new economy we desperately need.


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