Empathy Warriors

In Octavia Butler’s “The Parable of the Sower,” the protagonist Lauren Olamina has what is called “hyperempathy syndrome.” In this dystopian future society, many people have this condition caused by their mothers being addicted to a certain drug when they were in utero. The symptoms are that Lauren can literally, physically feel what other peopleContinue reading “Empathy Warriors”

I bring my whiteness with me wherever I go

From my family, I inherited an immigrant’s determination, values around doing good work in the world while making a living, a commitment to mutual aid, and the economic benefits of whiteness.  My grandparents came to the United States from Poland by way of France in 1940. They were Jewish intelellectuals who escaped the holocaust byContinue reading “I bring my whiteness with me wherever I go”

Emergent Strategy has become my bible

This little 274 page book by adrienne maree brown has helped me through some of the most challenging moments of my life recently. I started reading it before things started falling apart and I kept reading it as everything really began to crumble and explode both inside and around me. I know this is notContinue reading “Emergent Strategy has become my bible”