When creating something new – can we actually imagine new rules?

I shared last week about my family’s ways of being around money – giving circles and communal economics. What I didn’t share about is their relationship to power. I would describe my parents as having a “keep your head down” attitude; the image that has always stayed in my head is a high school footballContinue reading “When creating something new – can we actually imagine new rules?”

Collective care is the future

Photo credit to Angela Faz When I think of my family history, I realize they are the foundation of my dedication to cooperative economics. My mother and her sisters all lived within six blocks of each other and raised their families as a little village. I have memories of my mother and her sisters sittingContinue reading “Collective care is the future”

What if we were committed to having fun?

Healthy relationships are at the core of healthy teams, institutions, and communities. Conscious Loving is primarily a book about healthy individual relationships at the individual level. It is a book about getting in our own way, being at the source of our own reality, and practices for creating co-committed reationships. The thing is, as IContinue reading “What if we were committed to having fun?”