Economy as Community of Communities

Read for an invitation, then a day in the neighborhood Dear partner in community economy,  We are a Portland Catholic Worker community inviting you to share a guiding vision with us – economic society as a community of communities, gathered by shared commitments, equipped with the cooperative economic apparatus to realize them. For us inContinue reading “Economy as Community of Communities”

Economy, Commons, and Mediation

My Economy Story I was born into an economy of parts richer than their sum. The economic frame put on my existence was Randian, very explicitly so, and the Romantic element that worldview channels was too much for its economic framework. The creative life of my household, the sense that the core of human existenceContinue reading “Economy, Commons, and Mediation”

“Gravity and Grace” – Thoughts on Leverage

My favorite description of Simone Weil, writer of the notes collected into “Gravity and Grace” (PDF here), is TS Eliot’s: “A woman of genius, a genius akin to that of the saints.” As we envision a shared ownership economy my mind turns to the meditations on leverage in these pages. Certainly as an entrepreneur IContinue reading ““Gravity and Grace” – Thoughts on Leverage”