Status Quo Warriors

The 2020 Uprising has challenged all of us to inspect the ways our complicity has reinforced systems of oppression. By diagramming the public sector resource exchange within the familiar framework of market forces, we can see how the public sector design reinforces and enables systemic exploitation. I identify potential leverage points within this framework whereContinue reading “Status Quo Warriors”

Community Economics: A brilliant future, or the world that always was?

Often I feel the biggest hurdle to implementing alternative economic models is belief that the rules of our economy are laws of nature; universal, immutable. If we step out of and away from the power structure, we find indications that the myths of late stage capitalism can fade rapidly. Though capitalist market ideology holds brightContinue reading “Community Economics: A brilliant future, or the world that always was?”

Coop of Entrepreneurs

I came across this coop for artists and creative professionals a few years ago while researching models for a freelancer cooperative. They have 35,000 members across the EU, and seem to primarily provide shared productivity tools and administrative support. My background is in supporting local small business owners with few or no employees. I amContinue reading “Coop of Entrepreneurs”