Change is inevitable…and so is resistance

Being at a juncture in my life where I am listening for the”what next”, I’m having a hard time knowing how to implement this prompt. So I’m going to use it as a time to reflect upon a couple of examples of what worked/didn’t work in the past to create change. I remember when IContinue reading “Change is inevitable…and so is resistance”

Can the past be fruitful soil for the future?

I started imagining a day in the life of the new economy and found myself reflecting upon my current experience of living in a religious community. I have often thought that the way women religious have organized themselves offers many lessons for restructuring both our economy and our governance system. So I turned to howContinue reading “Can the past be fruitful soil for the future?”

Could a “progressive” financial system change the power structure?

In studying the materials for this week there was a lot for me to learn. I’m so grateful for all these resources that are new to me. I’ve only begun to scrape the surface and need more time to reflect, so here are my random thoughts and reactions. I found Donella Meadows’ examples in herContinue reading “Could a “progressive” financial system change the power structure?”

It wasn’t enough

I’m a pragmatist, committed to economic justice and I have worked to change the economy by doing different things for 40 years. Looking at the theory of change models I realize that I have been involved in a number of different strategies. I have been creating, supporting and investing in alternative models like cooperatives, communityContinue reading “It wasn’t enough”

Eager to promote cooperatives

I have been involved with cooperatives since 1980 in a variety of ways and really want to get involved in increasing the development of them in our economy. I have been involved in what I call community development investing for over 40 years, especially with CDFI’s in the US but also internationally, and I haveContinue reading “Eager to promote cooperatives”