The University Cooperative: A 4th Industrial Revolution Solution

The projected skills gap resulting from the unique demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution, distinctive characteristics of Gen Z students, and complications related to the global COVID-19 crisis represent major factors putting universities in a battle for relevancy and survival. Employers are struggling to find employees with the requisite skills and competencies they need. GenContinue reading “The University Cooperative: A 4th Industrial Revolution Solution”

Dale’s Behavioral Economics & 4th Industrial Revolution

As I think about my inheritance, it’s only reasonable to start with the elephant in the room and acknowledge my white privilege. When I was a child and a young person, I didn’t fully understand the ramifications of that inheritance, but fortunately with time, training, and education, I’m fully aware and passionate about helping changeContinue reading “Dale’s Behavioral Economics & 4th Industrial Revolution”

Design-Thinking: Empathy Required

As I reflected on the purpose of the Shared Owership Workshop and what book not only provided an insight to a societal problem, but one that could be reduced through the implementation of a shared ownership model, I thought of the book Evicted. As many of you are already know, when using a design-thinking modelContinue reading “Design-Thinking: Empathy Required”