To JMK: Regarding The Economic Possibilities of Our Grandchildren

“Grandpa!!! Look at me, I can fly!!!” My granddaughter, Zara, jumped from the roof and gave her new wings a try, a little bit unsteady for the first few feet, then she stabilized for a smooth, 20-second glide across the park, landing in a pile of leaves. A new human flight record for her. MyContinue reading “To JMK: Regarding The Economic Possibilities of Our Grandchildren”

Liberating Alternatives

Born into the arms of an inventor and a poet, questioning the status quo and seeking new ways of doing and being is sequenced in both my genetic inheritance and the core values I learned as a child. Surrounded by poverty and raised with great books, great teachers, and profound  compassion, I have always lovedContinue reading “Liberating Alternatives”