3 Reasons Why Our Employee Ownership Center Will Fail

Several years ago I read about Jack Dorsey’s strategy for pitching his new startup Square. Although he had already founded Twitter, a unicorn social media app, Square was a fintech company and Dorsey had no background in finance. It was an issue that potential funders raised repeatedly. In response to this opposition, Dorsey explained “WeContinue reading “3 Reasons Why Our Employee Ownership Center Will Fail”

The Problem We All Live With

  The image above is a painting by Norman Rockwell titled “The Problem We All Live With”. It’s a portrait of Ruby Bridges, a 6-year-old girl that had to be escorted by US Marshals into her newly desegregated elementary school in 1960. A white mob threw things at her and screamed threats and racial slurs.Continue reading “The Problem We All Live With”

The Only Constant is Change

“The world is full of painful stories. Sometimes it seems as though there aren’t any other kind and yet I found myself thinking how beautiful that glint of water was through the trees.” ― Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Sower Published in 1993 and set in the 2020s, its startling how closely the country inContinue reading “The Only Constant is Change”