Would Martin Buber like Airtable?

I’ll be responding to question # 5: Where do you find the most Resistance when you think about building your power, your organization’s power, or our collective power for a Shared Ownership transformation? Context: I work in North Carolina with The Industrial Commons as a story teller (media, marketing, communications 🙂 Building greater understanding, alignment,Continue reading “Would Martin Buber like Airtable?”

Why are Gallery Walls White and Why Do We Know the Answer?

This prompt brings to mind Material Return, an enterprise of The Industrial Commons (TIC), and its movement ecology which hinges on the principals of a circular economy. All three theories of change (Personal Transformation, Changing dominant institutions, Setting a New Shared Ownership Agenda) are employed along the way, whether it’s the internal culture of theContinue reading “Why are Gallery Walls White and Why Do We Know the Answer?”

Leave It To Beaver and Mutual Encountering

In plain terms, my economic resources are significant. As an American cisgender female from an upper to middle class family in rural North Carolina, my identity politic (in this and other geopolitical spheres) skew toward prosperity… in the Barbara Billingsley from Leave It To Beaver, sense of the term. Social, relational, and educational opportunities wereContinue reading “Leave It To Beaver and Mutual Encountering”

Permaculture and Cinnamon Rolls

Reading Soil and Sacrament by Fred Bahnson was one of my first steps toward a more nuanced understanding and formation of life together. It is a memoir that explores a theology of permaculture and the author records his visits to four faith communities-Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal and Jewish- to understand the joinery of the sacred andContinue reading “Permaculture and Cinnamon Rolls”