My Deepest Darkest Fear Around Shared Ownership

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen A friend of mine is fond of saying that when you start a business, everything has to go right.  You don’t have any capital, you can’t get credit, and you don’t have any customers.  The conditions have to be perfect for a new venture to work. The same isContinue reading “My Deepest Darkest Fear Around Shared Ownership”

Navigating Conflicts for Harmony

Several years ago I came across a business guru by the name of Eli Goldratt (an eccentric guy), who started a movement called theory of constraints.  One of Goldratt’s key insights was that most problems stem from what he calls conflicts.  He means something specific when he says conflict, namely: two competing needs that areContinue reading “Navigating Conflicts for Harmony”

Big Catholic Families, Al Gore, Goats, and Labor Exploitation

When my wife and I got married she was always amazed at how few preferences I had.  She jokes that I would be happy sleeping in a field with a rock as a pillow. I credit that to growing up in a big Catholic family.  There was simply no time or money to deal withContinue reading “Big Catholic Families, Al Gore, Goats, and Labor Exploitation”