Can someone gain power without someone else giving it up?

Being in a small rural town I feel that power remains with two groups – individuals and institutions. If you are an individual you derive your power from money. If you are an institution you derive your power from control of decision making – around resources, assets, rules, etc. For example, our downtown is changing,Continue reading “Can someone gain power without someone else giving it up?”

When someone gets it.

From the reading I feel like our organization, The Industrial Commons, aligns with all three. Much of our work with launching and incubating cooperatives is the alternatives slice of the pie; however, we also work to change dominant institutions and our work also implements personal transformation – particularly with our staff. It is in theContinue reading “When someone gets it.”

It’s not always about hard work.

For a long time after college in my early work years I often thought that hard work was what propelled me forward, what earned me opportunities and put me in a position to move ahead in my career. That is partly true; however, many many people in America today work extremely hard and will neverContinue reading “It’s not always about hard work.”