Towards Anti-Racist Enrollment

Enrollment isn’t easy. But I love the work of enrollment. I see it as patient work that grows over time. It’s the art of the relational connection and the invitation to dream and fall in love with a different vision of the future… together. I love enrolling people in co-ops, in heterodox economics, in theContinue reading “Towards Anti-Racist Enrollment”

A World Where My Investing Turmoil Disappears

Easy for Your Money to do Good. I imagine walking my 6-year-old Teddy to our local bank to open his first account and being surprised at how easy it is to have his money held in a way that aligns with our family values. I imagine when my daughter starts her first job and asksContinue reading “A World Where My Investing Turmoil Disappears”

From Downward Mobility to Interdependence

Where I find myself right now I grew up in Catholic social justice circles and Dean Brackley, SJ (NYT, NCR) was one of our saints. I started reading his book, The Call to Discernment in Troubled Times, when I was a teenager after returning from a summer in El Salvador. I was intrigued by whatContinue reading “From Downward Mobility to Interdependence”

Resistance, Emotional Labor, and Doing the Hard Work First

Hi folks! You are officially in the workshop. The next four weeks may feel like a sprint. The weekly cadence of reading, writing, commenting, meeting with your peer learning group and then posting your reflection script can feel intense. Stay with us, though. Trust the process. There is a magic. I encourage you to takeContinue reading “Resistance, Emotional Labor, and Doing the Hard Work First”

What do you need to know next?

At its best, this workshop is about change. Change the culture. Change your organization. Change the people you work with. Change yourself. And beyond that, in the face of all this change, growing as a leader is about a posture of dealing with change. What you don’t know is now up to you. A noteContinue reading “What do you need to know next?”