Week 4 #sequoia “Mutual Enrollment at the Speed of Trust”

“Enrollment means that the person you’re with wants to get on the bus that you’re on, with full knowledge of where you intend to go.” This week want to express my gratitude for our last month together. Thank you Jennifer, Felipe, Elizabeth, Todd and Phil and members of our Shared Ownership Compadres (SOC)! I wouldContinue reading “Week 4 #sequoia “Mutual Enrollment at the Speed of Trust””

Empathy Warriors

In Octavia Butler’s “The Parable of the Sower,” the protagonist Lauren Olamina has what is called “hyperempathy syndrome.” In this dystopian future society, many people have this condition caused by their mothers being addicted to a certain drug when they were in utero. The symptoms are that Lauren can literally, physically feel what other peopleContinue reading “Empathy Warriors”

3 Reasons Why Our Employee Ownership Center Will Fail

Several years ago I read about Jack Dorsey’s strategy for pitching his new startup Square. Although he had already founded Twitter, a unicorn social media app, Square was a fintech company and Dorsey had no background in finance. It was an issue that potential funders raised repeatedly. In response to this opposition, Dorsey explained “WeContinue reading “3 Reasons Why Our Employee Ownership Center Will Fail”

Why is There a White Man in the Break Room? (And Why is He Eyeballing My Oreos?)

By the time I landed in Charlotte, rented a car, and made my way to Opportunity Threads, I was bleary-eyed and famished. Not only that, I was early. So I rolled my suitcase (in that awkward way where your bag is actually at your side because of the swivel wheels, not behind you like aContinue reading “Why is There a White Man in the Break Room? (And Why is He Eyeballing My Oreos?)”

The University Cooperative: A 4th Industrial Revolution Solution

The projected skills gap resulting from the unique demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution, distinctive characteristics of Gen Z students, and complications related to the global COVID-19 crisis represent major factors putting universities in a battle for relevancy and survival. Employers are struggling to find employees with the requisite skills and competencies they need. GenContinue reading “The University Cooperative: A 4th Industrial Revolution Solution”

A Path Forward

When I think about who might serve as a point of resistance to the shared ownership work that I am trying to achieve, I first think of my colleagues.  There are 11 of us total at the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation.  Of those 11, four are part of our senior leadership team and hold the mostContinue reading “A Path Forward”

Co-ops Are In My DNA

This photo is taken from my hometown in NW Pennsylvania. My great-grandparents owned land across the road from where this historic marker is located. I grew up on the dairy farm they created with my grandparents. The lights that REA poles powered helped me read at night as a young girl. Today, this photo remindsContinue reading “Co-ops Are In My DNA”

Rinse and Repeat

It’s 8:00 a.m. August 18th 2030 and I’m checking my email.  Yet another offer in my inbox to sell us their food company and convert it into a co-op.  Of course they want to sell to us.  We can pay well for their business and it’s in the seller’s interest to get a good exit. Continue reading “Rinse and Repeat”


Starting a business isn’t considered impossible. You think of an idea, you build a simple website, you go to town. Success certainly involves a lot more; assessing your market competition, testing your pricing, having a good pitch, having a lot of luck along the way. But we take it as a given that anyone shouldContinue reading “Wildfire”


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