My Deepest Darkest Fear Around Shared Ownership

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen A friend of mine is fond of saying that when you start a business, everything has to go right.  You don’t have any capital, you can’t get credit, and you don’t have any customers.  The conditions have to be perfect for a new venture to work. The same isContinue reading “My Deepest Darkest Fear Around Shared Ownership”

3 Reasons Why Our Employee Ownership Center Will Fail

Several years ago I read about Jack Dorsey’s strategy for pitching his new startup Square. Although he had already founded Twitter, a unicorn social media app, Square was a fintech company and Dorsey had no background in finance. It was an issue that potential funders raised repeatedly. In response to this opposition, Dorsey explained “WeContinue reading “3 Reasons Why Our Employee Ownership Center Will Fail”

Navigating Conflicts for Harmony

Several years ago I came across a business guru by the name of Eli Goldratt (an eccentric guy), who started a movement called theory of constraints.  One of Goldratt’s key insights was that most problems stem from what he calls conflicts.  He means something specific when he says conflict, namely: two competing needs that areContinue reading “Navigating Conflicts for Harmony”

Philanthropy as Oligarchy

As frustrating as it can be, Democracy has accountability built in – ultimately through elections but also along the way through transparency, public comment, media scrutiny and rules of ethics. Philanthropy has virtually none of those guard rails except as willingly self-policed by the ultra-wealthy and their advisors. If a wealthy donor starts a privateContinue reading “Philanthropy as Oligarchy”

The Problem We All Live With

  The image above is a painting by Norman Rockwell titled “The Problem We All Live With”. It’s a portrait of Ruby Bridges, a 6-year-old girl that had to be escorted by US Marshals into her newly desegregated elementary school in 1960. A white mob threw things at her and screamed threats and racial slurs.Continue reading “The Problem We All Live With”