5 Tips to Get More People to Love What you Write

As an extrovert, I loathe writing. It forces me to sit alone with myself. I’d much rather be scheming with friends or playing games. But alas, I know that to actualize my bigger purpose in life, I need to write.  Why?  Well, it’s simple: Writing is thinking. If I’m not writing, I’m not actually engaging, processing,Continue reading “5 Tips to Get More People to Love What you Write”

Resistance, Emotional Labor, and Doing the Hard Work First

Hi folks! You are officially in the workshop. The next four weeks may feel like a sprint. The weekly cadence of reading, writing, commenting, meeting with your peer learning group and then posting your reflection script can feel intense. Stay with us, though. Trust the process. There is a magic. I encourage you to takeContinue reading “Resistance, Emotional Labor, and Doing the Hard Work First”

What do you need to know next?

At its best, this workshop is about change. Change the culture. Change your organization. Change the people you work with. Change yourself. And beyond that, in the face of all this change, growing as a leader is about a posture of dealing with change. What you don’t know is now up to you. A noteContinue reading “What do you need to know next?”