Tech Guidance: Making Your First Post to the (this workshop website)

Step 1: Find the Email inviting you to be an Author on the WordPress website (You can watch this 1 min video here, if helpful. The email should come from “Shared Ownership Workshop” <> — and the subject of the email should be “Felipe Witchger invited you to become an author on Shared Ownership Workshop”. Please check your non-primary inbox. If your email is powered by google, it should be in your “Updates” Tab. 

Step 2: Create a account (if you don’t already have one associated with your email address) You can watch a 1-min help video here. You can click the link in the email from step 1, or you can go to this URL to create your wordpress account: 

Step 3: Write and Publish your Post. This 1-min video shows you the quick version –pointing out where you add “tags” to your post. Please tag each post with “Pre-Workshop” or “Week 1” as well as something more descriptive like “Book Review” or “Impact Investing” or “Worker Co-op Management”. This longer 3-min video takes you through a first post and also illustrates uploading a picture, and then verifying that the post is live.   

(4) Tech Support:

 —> You should have an email with your login info in your inbox — You will be receiving (or have already received) an email from [] that will have login details to the website where we will be posting our work.

→ Email Felipe ( AND   Bert Fitzgerald (bertrandwfitzgerald [at] (a participant in this workshop who has volunteered to help!) if you need help feel free to reach out to Bert at bertrandwfitzgerald [at] Bert is on Pacific Time.

Tech help – Contact Bert (a co-participant who has generously agreed to help) and cc Felipe [at]

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