The Power in Me is the Power in We

My first memory of exposure to mobilizing power on a large scale was not during a social studies class. And Dr. Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi didn’t make their way into my awareness as community power builders and power shifters until my later years of school. I recall first learning about power and itsContinue reading “The Power in Me is the Power in We”

The Currency and Wealth of Relationships

Over the past year, my mom dealt with a cancer diagnosis and during that period of emotional ups and downs, my parents and I spent time to discuss and take steps towards preparing for the “tough stuff” and the difficult decisions when it was their time to depart. These discussions allowed us all to reflectContinue reading “The Currency and Wealth of Relationships”

Community Economics: A brilliant future, or the world that always was?

Often I feel the biggest hurdle to implementing alternative economic models is belief that the rules of our economy are laws of nature; universal, immutable. If we step out of and away from the power structure, we find indications that the myths of late stage capitalism can fade rapidly. Though capitalist market ideology holds brightContinue reading “Community Economics: A brilliant future, or the world that always was?”