Coop of Entrepreneurs

I came across this coop for artists and creative professionals a few years ago while researching models for a freelancer cooperative. They have 35,000 members across the EU, and seem to primarily provide shared productivity tools and administrative support. My background is in supporting local small business owners with few or no employees. I amContinue reading “Coop of Entrepreneurs”

Rest in Power Ray Anderson and Michael Brooks

I do read, but I have also been heavily influenced by watching and listening. My introduction to someone who was willing to look at the environment, economics, and business in a different way was the founder of tile carpet maker Interface, Inc., Ray Anderson. The best interview I saw of him was part of theContinue reading “Rest in Power Ray Anderson and Michael Brooks”

Permaculture and Cinnamon Rolls

Reading Soil and Sacrament by Fred Bahnson was one of my first steps toward a more nuanced understanding and formation of life together. It is a memoir that explores a theology of permaculture and the author records his visits to four faith communities-Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal and Jewish- to understand the joinery of the sacred andContinue reading “Permaculture and Cinnamon Rolls”

A Few Words on Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach

I can’t decide whether Ecotopia is more like a glimpse into the future or an opiate for the masses. The book delves into the history and sociology of a utopian country that — North Korea style — has walled itself off from the west of the world, utilizing the resulting independence from the global economyContinue reading “A Few Words on Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach”

A little creative inspiration

When heading out-of-town for work or play and deciding on how to spend your time, do you seek out unique dining spots, museums, or parks? Do you look up special events or live shows to attend? Whether I’m “painting the town red” or curating a “locals’ experience”, I’ve often recognized my contribution to a location’sContinue reading “A little creative inspiration”

Pretending to, knowing better

The most personally and theologically formative literary experience in my life was reading William Faulkner’s The Bear (a novella that is also part of the longer novel Go Down Moses). The protagonist grows up in post-slavery, pre-industrialization Mississippi wilderness, “…the wilderness, the big woods, bigger and older than any recorded document – of white manContinue reading “Pretending to, knowing better”

Emergent Strategy has become my bible

This little 274 page book by adrienne maree brown has helped me through some of the most challenging moments of my life recently. I started reading it before things started falling apart and I kept reading it as everything really began to crumble and explode both inside and around me. I know this is notContinue reading “Emergent Strategy has become my bible”

Dialogue for Difficult Subjects

I’m currently in a cross-racial pastoral appointment. It’s more than cross-racial. There exists differences in culture, geography, politics, and in some instances, theology.   These differences sometimes complicate for me (and I’m sure for some parishioners) what seem to be quite easy and obvious decisions. Should we gather in person while COVID-19 numbers are rising inContinue reading “Dialogue for Difficult Subjects”