Unlearning Fear and Doughnuts for All!

“Unlearning” is hard. In my experience unlearning something false is much harder than learning something new and true. A Private Universe (https://vimeo.com/113349804) is a documentary about science education, paradigm shifts, the power of what we first learn about a topic, the power of images and mental models, and how hard it is to unlearn or unsee something once weContinue reading “Unlearning Fear and Doughnuts for All!”

Letter from Birmingham Jail

I have witnessed power to be the ability to influence someone else’s life. I’ve experienced power as violence and the capacity and willingness one has to use force towards one’s desired end. Power insulates the one who possesses it from feeling the infirmities of the masses. I view power as a weapon of protection fromContinue reading “Letter from Birmingham Jail”