A model of logic in the realm of wonder…Can it be done?

In many regards, I was raised in and engaged in a communal culture and experienced first-hand the abundance created through the sharing of resources, ideas, sufferings, and joys of those around me. Diversity, inclusion, mutual care are all values that from a very early age were instilled in both my understanding of and engagement inContinue reading “A model of logic in the realm of wonder…Can it be done?”

From Downward Mobility to Interdependence

Where I find myself right now I grew up in Catholic social justice circles and Dean Brackley, SJ (NYT, NCR) was one of our saints. I started reading his book, The Call to Discernment in Troubled Times, when I was a teenager after returning from a summer in El Salvador. I was intrigued by whatContinue reading “From Downward Mobility to Interdependence”