The inherent “goodness” of power

“When people lack a critical understanding of their reality, apprehending it in fragments which they do not perceive as interacting constituent elements of the whole, they cannot truly know that reality.” Paule Freire – Pedagogy of the Oppressed I think of power in a similar vein as I perceive energy. Power can neither be createdContinue reading “The inherent “goodness” of power”

When creating something new – can we actually imagine new rules?

I shared last week about my family’s ways of being around money – giving circles and communal economics. What I didn’t share about is their relationship to power. I would describe my parents as having a “keep your head down” attitude; the image that has always stayed in my head is a high school footballContinue reading “When creating something new – can we actually imagine new rules?”

The Power in Me is the Power in We

My first memory of exposure to mobilizing power on a large scale was not during a social studies class. And Dr. Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi didn’t make their way into my awareness as community power builders and power shifters until my later years of school. I recall first learning about power and itsContinue reading “The Power in Me is the Power in We”

Unlearning Fear and Doughnuts for All!

“Unlearning” is hard. In my experience unlearning something false is much harder than learning something new and true. A Private Universe ( is a documentary about science education, paradigm shifts, the power of what we first learn about a topic, the power of images and mental models, and how hard it is to unlearn or unsee something once weContinue reading “Unlearning Fear and Doughnuts for All!”

Would Martin Buber like Airtable?

I’ll be responding to question # 5: Where do you find the most Resistance when you think about building your power, your organization’s power, or our collective power for a Shared Ownership transformation? Context: I work in North Carolina with The Industrial Commons as a story teller (media, marketing, communications 🙂 Building greater understanding, alignment,Continue reading “Would Martin Buber like Airtable?”

Could a “progressive” financial system change the power structure?

In studying the materials for this week there was a lot for me to learn. I’m so grateful for all these resources that are new to me. I’ve only begun to scrape the surface and need more time to reflect, so here are my random thoughts and reactions. I found Donella Meadows’ examples in herContinue reading “Could a “progressive” financial system change the power structure?”