a vision for a shared economy

things fell apart and the center did not hold at least that’s how grandpa talks about the olden days days where capital was holier than spirit man dominated (and subsequently) destroyed nature and growth was the ultimate god those days long gone — almost all but forgotten ……now we just are. living breathing and being,Continue reading “a vision for a shared economy”

To JMK: Regarding The Economic Possibilities of Our Grandchildren

“Grandpa!!! Look at me, I can fly!!!” My granddaughter, Zara, jumped from the roof and gave her new wings a try, a little bit unsteady for the first few feet, then she stabilized for a smooth, 20-second glide across the park, landing in a pile of leaves. A new human flight record for her. MyContinue reading “To JMK: Regarding The Economic Possibilities of Our Grandchildren”

Wine with Friends

He couldn’t sleep last night – too much excitement about the direction of the world right now. All the networking and hard work finally took off – like the Fly Wheel in Good to Great.   Everywhere he looks he now sees the influence of the Shared Ownership Green New Deal (SOGND) passed by President Harris and Speaker Ocasio-Cortez. He woke up to the earthyContinue reading “Wine with Friends”

A World Where My Investing Turmoil Disappears

Easy for Your Money to do Good. I imagine walking my 6-year-old Teddy to our local bank to open his first account and being surprised at how easy it is to have his money held in a way that aligns with our family values. I imagine when my daughter starts her first job and asksContinue reading “A World Where My Investing Turmoil Disappears”