The Currency and Wealth of Relationships

Over the past year, my mom dealt with a cancer diagnosis and during that period of emotional ups and downs, my parents and I spent time to discuss and take steps towards preparing for the “tough stuff” and the difficult decisions when it was their time to depart. These discussions allowed us all to reflectContinue reading “The Currency and Wealth of Relationships”

Community Economics: A brilliant future, or the world that always was?

Often I feel the biggest hurdle to implementing alternative economic models is belief that the rules of our economy are laws of nature; universal, immutable. If we step out of and away from the power structure, we find indications that the myths of late stage capitalism can fade rapidly. Though capitalist market ideology holds brightContinue reading “Community Economics: A brilliant future, or the world that always was?”

Leave It To Beaver and Mutual Encountering

In plain terms, my economic resources are significant. As an American cisgender female from an upper to middle class family in rural North Carolina, my identity politic (in this and other geopolitical spheres) skew toward prosperity… in the Barbara Billingsley from Leave It To Beaver, sense of the term. Social, relational, and educational opportunities wereContinue reading “Leave It To Beaver and Mutual Encountering”

Collective care is the future

Photo credit to Angela Faz When I think of my family history, I realize they are the foundation of my dedication to cooperative economics. My mother and her sisters all lived within six blocks of each other and raised their families as a little village. I have memories of my mother and her sisters sittingContinue reading “Collective care is the future”

Bill Clinton and the Bondholders

Bill Clinton entered the White House in January 1993 with an ambitious plan of social programs including the reform of the healthcare system to provide universal coverage. Robert Rubin, a Goldman Sachs boy, joined the Clinton administration as Assistant to the President on Economic policy. After learning of Bill Clinton’s progressive social agenda he simplyContinue reading “Bill Clinton and the Bondholders”